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Flip fluid spray, please help

the monk

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Hello, I am trying to create a fluid spray effect. I am able to create the spray using pops, but how can I achieve something similar using flip fluids? Tried various methods but no clue on how to get a realistic looking fluid spray. Can anybody please help?

reference image is in the following link:


Thanks for your time


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The effect in the reference is more down to motion blur than anything else. Since FLIP fluids are just particles same as POPs, you can use the same technique to emit from a source. Increase the particle separation to control how many particles you want in your sim and instead of meshing, render the import_pyro_fluid object as points with a lot of motion blur.

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Hi Naeem, thanks for replying :) Actually I am looking for an effect like a fluid spray, but something close to the reference image interms of shape (sorry if I was not clear in the first post). If it is rendered as particle, I am not sure it can be achieved.

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