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Help for "copy with time"

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Hi everyone

I#m fairly new to Houdini, and i bet there is probably a easier way to solve my problem.

So what I try to achieve:

I have a curve with 10 pointsl. Now I would like to copy individual Spheres onto the points of this curve - but not all at once!

I have a frame range from 160 to 180 on which I would like this effect to happen.

Every 2 frames (x variable number) I would like to have one Sphere being copied onto the next point of the curve. (if $F%2, 1, 0) -> copy ..basically

BUT the previous one should not dissapear! Nor do I want any others to appear.

In the end after a number of frames all 10 points have 1 sphere copied onto them.

I tried it with the Carve SOP but the point numbers vary and the "carve end" creates an additional 11th moving point. So this is not the sollution I am looking for.

I also tried a "delete" SOP with an expression, but all I managed was the points appearing and dissapearing again.

And I can#t think of any way to iterate over the curve points in a way that excludes the already copied ones.

Please help! I am kinda stuck.


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