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writing a .bgeo through python

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I am working with a very large dataset that is divided into chunks,

and I am getting the data from a file, and then creating the poitns and faces in Houdini.

the points I make through a Python sop, and I want every chunk to be written out as a .bgeo

(as my computer can;t handle all the chunks at once)

so my logic was to do a for loop for every chunk and then use this code:

saveToFile("Y:/points/file_" + string(i)+".bgeo")

i should increment, and the command should work however I keep getting thrown this error:

module has no object saveToFile

I tried hou.saveToFile() but no luck there either...

all help is appreciated!

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Guest mantragora

1. And you are executing this on geometry(), right?


2. Also, maybe if you use double "\\" in path it will work better?

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got it working, apparantly I'm just not thinking straight today xD

it needed to be:

geo.saveToFile("Y:/points/file_" + str(i)+".bgeo")

geo.saveToFile (got to specify what to save in this case geo)

str() instead of string, string() does not exist...

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