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Vortex force blowing up smoke sim


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i am trying to use a vortex force to animated a tornado(yes another tornado thread :)....), the problem is that the smoke blows away,

i am using particles to emit the smoke, i removed it in this file to make it simpler to debug

I believe the problem comes from the fact that i am using "add" in dop/smoke source>> velocity tab

The thing is that i don't want to use copy as i find the result to homogeneous.

So i tried to find a way to limit the speed so it doesn't keep adding but i couldn't find a way to do so.

I looked in the help file about the smoke solver and i saw that they were talking about speed limit, yet i couldn't find it on the solver

i have looked at many threads about tornado, the thing is that i want to use what i know about houdini without having just to copy paste from someone's else work.

i just need to be able to use any speed i want without the tornado breaking appart.

i added a ramp for the orbitrad, to give the vortex the shape i want.


vortex blow up smoke.hipnc

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