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Houdini Engine - Animating the channels


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Hey Guys,

I imported a digital asset successfully into Maya. I wanted to animate the channels in Maya, but the values don't update on each frame.

For example in the attached OTL, there Input takes a mesh and copies it unto a curve. The resample attribute defines how many shapes appear. If I set the keyframes and let the animation run, the resample attribute stays the same. I set the channels keyable, but it still doesn't work. Did someone encounter such a problem or is it just me?

On another note: Transferring the UVs with attributeTransfer doesn't seem to work in Maya.

Thx in advance!


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I would really suggest moving this question to the official SESI Houdini Engine Forum. As the technology is basically brand new and not fully stable, you won't likely find many people here with knowledge or experience using it, let alone identifying the cause of problems.

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