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Constraints and Packed Primitives, SOP Solver , cant make it work ???

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Hi All, 


I have a problem and I cant seem to explain, so I need help.


I have a two floor building with columns, where I made a glue network, and set the strenght from constraint_attribs node, then I made a moving sphere, created a primitive attribute called strenght with a low value. and passed this information to DOP net SOP SOLVER which is connected to Constraint solver input of the Glue Constaraint Network.


When I watch the details view the strenght value fades away but the pieces dont fall with gravity.


here is the attached file for H13, please help me here



OK quick fix, after I set the glue constraints node strenght value to set never it started working, but I still would like to know some more information the approach when we use packed primitives, and I watched the vimeo tutorial also, it helped greatly but still need more


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