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How to fine-tune RBD simulations?


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Often times in RBD collisions, I see some parts flying off like other parts, which is fine, but then immediately come to a stop in mid-air and only rotate. What's the reason for this and how can I prevent it? I don't have any drag.


Also when I have an object like a tanker ship and I collide it head on with a static object, the whole pieces of the geometry come loose instantly and start flying off. How can I control it so that the collision force travels through the object from the impact location and the resulting damage occurs realistically?


Small ship is static/immovable:





Thanks :)

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eh...probably because it's RBD?

real world object deform and absorb energy when impacted until they can't be compressed/deformed any more, then next piece in line.


If you check the H13 MasterClass of Bullet, you'll see a bridge collapse example(with hip files to download), which could be used in your case.

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