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Advec Color by velocity in pyro


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i make some test with pyro and color advection. 

i'm pretty close of my goal but i don't understand something and it make my crazy. 


i try to emit color smoke base on cd attribute, i create Cd volume attribute , i import this data 

into my dop network, i advecty this data by velocity everything work very well. 


but when i try to move my source geometry into the space, everything go wrong. my density still 

act well, but my Cd stay at the same place. 


i try a lot of technic but nothing work, i try to update always my sop Path into my sop vector field, 

i  try to add a gas calculate but the color field grow but it don't be adverted... 


if somebody have a idea...


thanx a lot






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- remove your sop vector field and creat just vector field with name Cd

-import the Cd the same way you did for density using another 'Source Volume' and put the Cd into velocity field on 'SOP to DOP Bindings' tab.


that should do it


 you could also add gas difuse DOP on the same imput as your Cd_gasadvec to blend between colors

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