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hello everyone


I try two control some rotations with one channel in one null...

May i copy reference two channels two another ....


for example control 5 channel rotations with only one rotation.... i know i can do it parenting the nulls but i don't want to do it in that way...


what is the correct expression


ch("../R_ARM_CTRL_IK_THUMB_E/ry") + ch("../R_ARM_CTRL_IK_INDEX_E/ry") 

ch("../R_ARM_CTRL_IK_THUMB_E/ry") , ch("../R_ARM_CTRL_IK_INDEX_E/ry")


.... thats not work of course


thanks a lot

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I'm not sure I understand. The only way to get the effect of parenting is to do parenting. To manually do it means to form the 4x4 matrices, multiple them, and then explodematrix them back out to the separate components.


Have you looked at the Blend Object to see if it suits what you want?

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