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Trouble with opinputpath() and Object Merge


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I have a sub newtork called 'car_rig' that has a null inside named 'OUT_SIM the default output is named 'OUT''. Car_rig is connected to another sub network in the first input. From that subnet I want to object merge in the geo from 'OUT_SIM'. I have had a lot of trouble getting this to work, I tried using 'opinputpath(",", 0)' in the objects to merge field to test as I figured it should at least get me the geo from the 'OUT' node but no luck.


How can I object merge the geo from 'OUT_SIM'? I am trying not to use any names for the sub network in the path as it is likely to change. Thanks.

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Okay there are a few thing you should change


If you want to use an expression in a string operator you have to use backticks not single quotes.

So use ` (key next to 1) instead of '

Only the expression needs to be placed between backticks.


if you want to get the inputpath of the geonode then you have to go one level up so "." is checking the inputpath of the node the expression is in. What you need is the geo1 node. so that would be "../" 


so try this. `opinputpath("../",0)`/OUT_BOX

If you MMB click on the Object1 label, left of the inputfield. You'll see the evaluation of the expression.

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