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point cloud import - point.number - in DOPs


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I am struggling with point clouds, can someone give me some pointers?


I am working towards making some bubbles, though it's really a learning exercise rather than a particular shot I'm trying to achieve. Right now I'm just working on a little sandbox scene trying to get some point cloud VOPs to work - I wanted to do it in VEX but I think I need to do it visually first to understand what's going on better.


So I have particles with a pscale value and I am trying to test whether any other particles fall within that radius and if so, add the pscale value to the original, delete the overlapping particle and average the positions and velocities. I'm using a SOP Solver attached to the middle input of my POP Solver.


The first thing that I can't get to work is ignoring the particle I'm querying. I thought from the docs I could use a point cloud import and get the point.distance then use do [pseudo code] if (distance !=0) {pscale + = imported pscale} but I can't get that to work. So I just tried to import point.number and export that to a neighbour variable and I can't figure that out either. Attached is the sandbox, could someone maybe give me a clue?!


Thanks very much


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