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Hi there.


I have a copy node that is placing a number of objects in the world, in this case simple polys. I have added an attribute that will put a random value on each of these separate polys. How can I export this through alimbic cache so it ends up in maya where each poly is its own object and I am able to read the attribute I added to them?


Cheers :)

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Hi, first off maya is very picky with geometry. For what you are doing, you may want to utilize the partitioning mode of the alembic rop. As a prerequisite, each primitive requires a primitive attribute that uniquely identifies them, the "name" attribute is a common one to use. You could place an assemble sop after your copy sop and it will automatically name your primitives "piece#". Then in you alembic rop just set the partition mode to "use attribute value" and set the "partition attribute" to name. Maya wont make an object for each primitive but it will make a transform node and shape nodes below for each primitive in the alembic file. This should be sufficient, it will at least allow you to assign different materials to the objects and select them individually in maya. 


On a side note, be sure you clean all attributes from the geometry that aren't "maya-compatible", as maya will most likely complain about it (see script editor  :lol: ). I've only been able to get P (position), N (normals), v (velocity for rendering motion blur), and uv (uv coordinates) to work. uv attributes need to be added as vertex attributes not point attributes or maya will most likely complain about it.


I've added a file to help! Hope this helps.


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Hey guys!


I got really excited when I ran across this thread, I've been beating myself up for a few days trying to figure out how to write out an RBD sequence from Houdini 13 into Maya 2014.It's an exploding yellow brick road sequence and its killing me. I've tried a million different things and the only thing I've been able to do (only because of this post) is import the geometry into Maya without any animation. I was wondering where I should put the Assemble node in the chain or if there was any other secret of how to write the simulation into an Alembic ROP. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated! I attached my file to see if there was anything wrong. Thanks!


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Hey bkashou, I took a look at your file. Look in "/obj/yellowBrickRoad_plainGeo" you already have an assemble sop called "setup_packed_prims", there is no need to add another one after your dop import, because the geometry is already assigned a name attribute before the sim. The reason you  cannot get it to export to maya is because the dopimport node is set to "Fetch Packed Geometry from DOP Network". Change that to "Fetch Unpacked Geometry from DOP Network" and all should be good! Another way to unpack the geo is to use an unpack sop.


The reason you're not getting the right export is because packed primitives are displayed in some sort of optimized, delayed load manner, so you wont see any atributes or values on them in the viewport, until you unpack them, (try sticking a color sop on a packed primitive, it wont display any colors, because the geo is packed, no longer allowing modifications until unpacked).

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hey revalationsr, like I mentioned above, I've only been able to get geometry into maya with P (position), N (normals), v (velocity for rendering motion blur), and uv (uv coordinates). If you would like maya or your renderer to be able to read those custom attributes you may want to write an alembic procedural or something along those lines for maya. It's not simple though.

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