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Dust from impact

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I want my chunk particles make some dust when reaching the ground (impact hit).

Can someone please explain me how to do that in a simple way that a newbie understand?


I have built a pop network with randomized chunks that get thrown in the air from an explosion and after a while hit the ground.


All the best, Stig

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Since you are generating your particles in a POP, you might want to take advantage of using the collision pop node. In your collision pop just go to the Attributes tab and enable "Add Num Hit Attribute" to capture the number of times a particle hit the ground. You could then take your particles and delete by expression: $NUMHITS == 1  and swithc to delete non-selected. This will only display the points that have hit once. You could copy some geo to the "HIT" points and source smoke off those, since they're only visible when hit. I'll see if I can get you a example.

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Sorry, I didnt mean to write that it is make of particles.

Actually, the chunks are geometry that is tranformed to RBD fractured objects. Those are who I want to make dust when reaching the ground.


I really appreciate you help!



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