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Activevalue - simulation Flipbooks fine but ROP Output Driver Errors

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Hello long time lurker but first time posting. I have been teaching myself houdini for a while and this is the first time I can not figure out a problem. I have a pre fractured object, the front wall of a building to be specific, with some active and in-active points. Two spheres hit the wall only affecting the active point pieces. This is controlled by an active value dop with a point("../../geo1/node", $OBJ, "Cd", 0) expression referring to Cd white and black values of a centroid point representation of the pre fractured geometry. this was done with a for each sop.


Everything works fine, the active value node is set to default and always. The flip book runs and I can see my simulation with no problems. The problem comes when I want to save my simulation to disk. It always fails after the 1 frame with a "cook error in input "../../geo1/dopimport1". Strangely enough if I change the active value to set initial, it renders out fine to disk but now I lost all my inactive points, so the simulation just falls down. 


Any ideas?


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Sorry -  solved earlier version of this my post - please ignore the posted file which is from "pre error solving" (i can't delete it)


Also I see you did the same error Nagareru.


In your "geo1" Sop connect the "foreach" sop to the file5 Node! And your problem should be solved!

I can't try it out myself (missing the import geometry) - but it is exactly the same error I did.


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