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Dance Floor Light Effect

Navneet Arora

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Hello guys, Recently i started learning houdini and was pretty excited to do some stuff like lighting of the dance floor through Effects. I have been trying to achieve this effect by using various SOP's and other

operators but i havent come up with a good solution so it would be great if someone could help me out.


Below i am providing the file in which iam trying and here is the ref link:





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Are you wanting to light up the tiles when someone makes contact with it, like this:


If so, then I can post what I did (I'd have to dig up the hip file, I've forgotten the exact way I did it).


I think what I did was to bring in the geo of the characters shoes (possibly only the soles). Them, using a group SOP I could create a group on the fly based on the position of the shoes. THen just assign base material to the floor, and a "light" material to prims that were part of this "hit" group.

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