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Artifacts when rendering dustpuff

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I've used the "dust puff" material to get a dusty look, it works quite ok, however i get some block artifacts.  I tried to crank up the particle size, tweak the shader parameters but i get the same problems. Has anyone an idea, how i can get a more natural look?






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I think that the issue you are seeing is the fact that all the sprites are exactly the same size, hence the pattern is repeating over and over. I don't have a chance to look over the file from where I am now, but I assume this is the popnetwork(old) senario. If so drop a spritePOP down in the particle network, and turn on rotation and scaling.

Use some random values to shake things up a bit.

For example in the rotation parameter...


rand($ID * 736) * 360


and in the scale parameter...


size1: fit01(rand($ID * 923), 0.5, 1.5

size2: ch("size1")

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