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Mograph Matchmoving

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Hello Odforce. here are two pieces i finished for my Matchmoving class last term. I thought id share these since i dont see too much Mograph related work in Houdini.

These were Shot with a Canon 60D and a Tamron wide lens. Camera Tracked in Nuke then Alembic to Houdini. I also made an HDRI to use in the Environment Light for a bit of more realism.

Hope you guys Like em.






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Thanks, Mike!


I know a couple guys named Justin Harder who both work in the same industry, as well - both in LA.  The other Mike Tello is in LA, as well. http://cargocollective.com/hellotello


thanks and Sorry Adam, wrong Mike. but nice to know theres another Michael Tello making vfx haha.

I really dig your work btw. :].

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