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Window Collision


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Hi guys,

I'm an Houdini apprentice.

I'm trying to collide a sphere against a window and fracture only one portion of it.

I've exported the window geometry from maya has an obj.


my big struggle that the sphere doesn't pass throw the window and instead bounces back making only some pieces fall. I've already tried everything, from shelf tools to everything manual, and the sphere never goes trow the window. probably I'm missing something. 


i have attached the files! 


please take a look at it and give me some guidance in the right direction




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Hi pedromosh,


To begin, there is some very good tutorials here: 



And more specificly for the dynamics, I clearly recommand those ones:




By the way, I made a quick scene with your file and let somme comments inside.


It's not perfect but I hope it will be helpfull. ;)





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