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Pyro sim errors "explodes"


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I'm getting some weird simulation errors, see attached screenshots.


I have 5 objects that are traveling down a path and emitting smoke in a pyro container, but at a certain frame the smoke just explodes and houdini will freeze if left simulating (if i'm fast i can escape the sim)


does this look familiar to someone?


I've tried increasing substeps on the autodop network but that doesn't help..






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It seems my problem is solved by increasing max substeps on the pyrosolver to 2 and the cfl condition to 3..


I also forgot to mention that the emitters travel through the smoke in a vortex like motion, so I'm guessing that when a voxel gets 'overloaded' by smoke it will destabilize the simulation.


Is this a correct assumption?


edit:well it seems I cheered to soon, still getting the same errors..


so I'd still like to know what causes this..




my problem is the same as here:


the vortex was causing it, increasing the radius did help

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