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Progressively cloth detach

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Hello guys.



How can i progressively detach points using "Cloth attach constraint" on H13?


i need cloth act like a "zipper" detaching progressively.



thanks in advance.



PS: without using tear, because its not working on H13.

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Hey Malcolm,


I try to create the zipper effect you want to do here is the hip.




I made the sbd pin constraint node editable and change anchorobjpointgrouppos1 to active instead of initial to be able to computer the pointgroup on each frame.


I use a pointlist() expression to point to a group located inside the sopsolver which is animated.


I hope it could help


I would be interested if someone have any idea if it could be achieve with the new constraint network? or it's just for RBD at the comment...





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IN the sbd pin contstraint, you can reference a group of points, instead of the raw point numbers. Maybe in the geo object for those points, you could set up some expression that dynamically changes what points are in the group?

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