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Strange behavior with metaballs in viewport

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Hi guys, I've come across some quite curious behavior while working with metaballs in my current project. Here is my set-up so far:


I'm copying lines onto points from a Scatter SOP attached to a grid, then copying metaballs onto the lines. The issue is that the metaball geometry as seen in the viewport is a mess - sharp, jagged and erratic. I've observed that it gets worse the more copies of the line I generate - copying the metaballs onto a single line looks perfectly fine, but even adding one extra copy already begins to degrade the appearance of the geometry, and by the time I reach the number of copies I would need for this project (at least 20) it is unrecognizable. Interestingly, this seems to be related to the orientation of the line. If I set the line direction along the X or Z axes, everything looks fine, the odd geometry only occurs when I set the direction along the Y axis, which is what I want. One more wrinkle - if I copy metaballs onto a single line, copy and paste those nodes and merge them together, the geometry appears perfectly normal, even with the lines oriented along the Y axis, so it seems like this must have something to do with my workflow of copying the lines with the grid / Scatter SOP.


Fortunately, this seems to only be a display issue, as everything looks fine when I render the scene. For now, I think I'm just going to replace the metaballs with spheres to get the general behavior I'm after, then pipe in the metaballs when I'm ready to render. If anyone has encountered this before, I would love to hear your thoughts.



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upload your test please, thanks!


Sure thing, I've attached a HIP file demonstrating the issue to this post.




Thanks for the help!


malexander - Yes, I believe you're onto something there. In that case it makes some sense if I switch the line to, say, the X axis that the geometry would look normal, since it is then only spread out on the X and Z planes. Do you know of any way to correct for this?

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