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Point snapping accuracy

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When I try to snap an object's position to a point it seems to snap to the offset I have with my mouse pointer in relation to the handle. This makes it impossible to have an accurate snap.


Is there a way to avoid this without have to resort to point expressions to get the position?



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Many are hoping this is fixed in the next Houdini. 


Edit: does it work for you to first snap the handle, to a point,  using '"' key,  then drag that to line up your snap? 

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it could be a bug.


If you then drag the centre box of the handle, after you have press'"' again to lock it to the geo, it should snap to other geo based on the snapping option selected on the toolbar i.e. point, primitive etc.


Make sure to run one of the latest versions of Houdini as snapping was improved


Edit - some quick testing, obj level level snapping seems very intuitive and works well, geo level snapping seems to snap to an invisible grid sometimes.    


Edit2: the invisible grid only appears to affect point snapping.

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