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Volume Voxel Size?

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What are the formulas to figure out HIGHRES vs LOWRES simulations. For example, in Maya if the squared resolution was 100 but container size was 10 X 10 X 10 that was 10 times the amount therefore high res. But in Houdini I have know idea what the formula should be. What should the division size be relative to my container size? Also I keep hearing about how many total voxels are in the container, millions usually. Where do I go to see that number?

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You can use the middle mouse button on the node or in the viewport display options, press 'd' over the viewport under Guides tab, turn on Geometry information. That will show how many voxels are.


Have you tested the Uniform Sampling pull down options.  It's much quicker and easier to see how voxels are computed with a Volume node. The attached shows 3000 voxels as a rainbow and 60,000 voxels as a grey box.



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Thanks for telling me the ways to find out how many voxels there are. Super helpful! No ive never played around with uniform sampling yet? know of any good tutorials? Also do you have a formula of container size to voxels i should use ??

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voxels are very easy, the tutorial will be very short!


A voxel is a 3d-pixel that has a x,y and z co-ordinate. 


The voxel lives inside a volume box that has a unit size. for the example below we set it to size 1. That's 1 on the x, y and z axis.


If you set the Uniform Sampling to Max Axis = 10 then you take (1 x10) * (1 x 10) * (1x 10) = 1000 voxels


When you set Uniform Sampling to By Size = 0.1 then you take (1 / 0.1) * (1 / 0.1) * (1 / 0.1) = 1,000 voxels!


The formula for how much detail you want - just like pixels in a rendering or photograph - the more voxels, the more detail.

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whoops, sorry my mistake... I thought it would be easy with those instructions.


On AutoDopNetwork/Pyro, it's called Division Method.


Yes, it is relative to the box size.


Hope that helps!

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