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mixing SOP solver and other forces


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I am attaching a scene. it's a voronoi fracture which is getting it's velocities from point level using a SOP solver. It's a packed object.


I setup the velocities at SOP level and I am transferring it to DOPS using an attribute transfer inside a SOP Solver


So the velocities come on and off for the central pieces to show the middle part exploding. But once that ends the whole thing just floats in mid air. Even though there is a gravity node.  The SOP solver velocities override the Gravity.


I tried using the enable solver but the effect is not what I want.


I want to know how to mix the SOP solver with the rest of the forces. 



Rohan Dalvi


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Hi Sandeep,


Thanks a lot. Nice solution using the color as an on off switch.  I tried to just import the attributes, using an "Import Attribute" node  into the VOP SOP but somehow the point cloud gives a better result.


I had figured out a way to do the same via expressions using the RBD Fracture object since it allows you to directly read the color and other attributes at DOP level. But that is slower to calculate than the RBD Packed object. That's why I wanted the get this one working.


Once again thanks a lot.




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