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Questions about nodes and connections


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I am coming to python in Houdini to modify a mocap rigs. I would like to add Null between the bones.

If I discovered the input and output methods in the hou.Node, it's still a bit frustrating since it takes the in account the connections and not the hierarchy.


So ... is there a way to get all the child nodes from a selected one ( i mean to selected the master null and get all the bone in a tuple) ?


Thanks for your help



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You can use the code below in Python source editor.

allChildren = []
def getChildrenFromSelected():
    selectedNodes = hou.selectedNodes()
    for node in selectedNodes:
    print allChildren
    # Process All Children Nodes

def getChildren(node):
    for child in node.children():

Then select your parent node and call, hou.session.getChildrenFromSelected()


Hope it helps.

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sorry but i don't want to dive in a node to get what is inside.

to quote the documentation : "Using the file system analogy, a node’s children are like the contents of a folder/directory." I don't want that



Using a selected node in Scene Level I would like to get all the childrens of this node ( not its content but its "network").

Sorry if I am not clear ... but in Houdini, children means 2 different things :(




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I think I understand what do you mean by "children".

e.g. Below is a hierarchy of nodes at /obj level.




I checked various node methods in python but so far only variations of input/output methods are able to access the hierarchy above.

Do you have a mix of connection nodes & hierarchy nodes you are after? (And that's why you want to isolate the children?)


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You can traverse the tree with node.outputs()

import hou

def goDownTree(oNodes):
    """Recursively travel on output nodes"""
    for oNode in oNodes:

oSel = hou.selectedNodes()
for oNode in oSel:
    print("selected: "+ str(oNode))
    print("children: ")
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