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Recooking the complete tree...

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Maybe it's in my face and I can't see it but... I'd like to know how to recook the whole tree. You know, just like when you load a scene.


The goal is to profile the graph using Houdini's Performance Monitor but there is always part of the graph no getting modified so I can't calculate the cost of everything...




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help opcook:


opcook [-F] [-f <frame_start> <frame_end>] [-i <frame_inc>] [-v]
opcook -F /obj/geo1/*
will force cook all SOPs inside geo1
or for Python:
and to force update all nodes in an object, loop through them all forcing cooks.
nodes = (hou.node('/obj/geo1/grid1'), hou.node('/obj/geo1/point1'))
for node in nodes:
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