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Evaluating textures at hitpoints

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I shoot rays from gdp to gdp2 and check if they intersect. If they do intersect then I would like to evaluate a texture map on gdp2.


I can get the hit positions, but how would I get the values of the texturemap at those points?


This is what I have to get the hit positions:

GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF(gdp, ptoff)

// searchdir attribs
UT_Vector3 searchdir;
tupleN->get(hN.getAttribute(), ptoff, searchdir.data(), 3);

GU_RayIntersect *myCollision = new GU_RayIntersect;
GU_RayInfo hitInfo(searchdir.normalize());

UT_Vector4 pos(gdp->getPos3(ptoff));
int hitNum = myCollision->sendRay(pos, searchdir, hitInfo);

const GEO_Primitive *hitPrim = hitInfo.myPrim;
fpreal32 hitU = hitInfo.myU;
fpreal32 hitV = hitInfo.myV;
//get pos of hit
UT_Vector4 hitPos;
hitPrim->evaluateInteriorPoint(hitPos, hitU, hitV);

delete myCollision;
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i had a similar problem and i've written my own function evaluateUVPoint(...). I would be very interested too if someone knows an already existing HDK function to get the texture point.
Anyway, this is my method which returns the texture UV coordinate of a hit position on a triangle.
UT_Vector3D evaluateUVPoint(GA_Offset primOff, float u, float v, float w = 0)
    UT_Vector3D uv = 0;
    GA_Primitive* prim = myGdp->getPrimitiveList().get(primOff);
    if (prim)
        UT_Vector3D pt0, pt1, pt2;
        GA_ROHandleV3 primUV;
        primUV = myGdp->findPointAttribute(GEO_STD_ATTRIB_TEXTURE); // or findVertexAttribute(...)
        if (primUV.isValid())
            pt0 = primUV.get(prim->getPointOffset(0)); // or getVertexOffset(...)
            pt1 = primUV.get(prim->getPointOffset(1));
            pt2 = primUV.get(prim->getPointOffset(2));
            uv  = (pt1 - pt0) * u;
            uv += (pt2 - pt0) * v;
            uv += pt0;
    return uv;

This works only for triangles. If someone knows a solution for quads i would be very gratefull.


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Thanks Claus, that works quite well. I've only come back to this now.


I'm thinking of using the uvs I get from the hitpoints to read pixels from an image.I don't see anything obvious in the HDK about images and uvs.


Is anybody aware of a sample code somewhere?

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