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vex of Lens Shader for Dome camera

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Here is part of "Domemaster3D" for Mental ray, it is open source.




I would like to ask this part

/* Convert ray from camera space */
mi_vector_from_camera(state, &ray, &ray);
 /* Trace new ray... */
return(mi_trace_eye(result, state, &state->org, &ray));
How can I convert to Vex for houdini this part?
Based houdini help about lens shader..
  • export vector P – Ray origin in camera space

  • export vector I – Ray direction in camera space

How can I adjust metal ray code the line to vex with this variable?


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Hi kidsreturnjj.

I don't know enough Vex to be able to answer your question but the Houdini 13 notes did mention an ASAD Lens shader example exists so that might have the details you are looking for:


I was wondering what your reason is to start with the domeAFL_WxH fulldome lens shader since the "diameter" and "height" interface controls are a bit counter intuitive. You would probably want to port a version of the domeAFL_FOV fulldome lens shader instead since the lens shader's "field of view" setting is easier to use and understand.

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