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Popnet-Export only particles, no geo


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In a popnet, I've got some objects my particles are colliding with. The thing is, my popnet is also exporting those objects and I do not need them. I know I can set this up in the Popnet's Object Merge Tab...but I've simply forgotten what to put in there in order to make it export nothing but the particles.

Can anybody bring my memories back?

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To use object merge, just type the string for the name of the dop object. 


In a default pop(dop)net, this would be "popobject".


You can get the names of the objects in the DOP simulation by by middle clicking on the final output DOP.  This will show you the names of each POP/DOP/FLIP/WHATEVER object is in your simulation. Just use these strings. 


As an alternative, you could also use a dopimport SOP to bring selected objects from a dop simulation into your SOP network. To do this, place a disconnected dopimport SOP in your SOP network. Set it to "fetch geoemtry" then specify the dopnet in question and the name of the dop object in the parameters of the dopimport SOP. 



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