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The Floating Islands of Houdini - Part 1

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This is my new 3 part commercial training series for Houdini.





The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the "Floating Islands" image, all the way from modeling to render
The training covers various aspects including terrain modeling and sculpting, generating large quantities of plants and vegetation in Houdini. The plants and trees will be developed using L-Systems. The training will also cover Rigid Body Dynamics, Particles and Fluids to create certain elements of the image. 
The training is split into 3 parts, each part is available separately.
Part 1 will cover terrain modeling, modeling using the VDB tool set. It will also deal with creating grass using the fur procedural and a variety of creepers and vines on the island and the druid circle.
Part 1 Details
Duration - 3 hours
No. of Videos - 11
Houdini files Included
Rohan Dalvi


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