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Control RBD fracture by group


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Hello guys,


I've been struggling with controlling how RBD packed objects/ RBD fractured object. I can't find anything related to that on the net. It feels so simple but still I can't figure it out.


Here is my precise problem.



I have a ball composed of multiple fruits. Each fruit is composed by multiple objects (like body - leaf - stem) When I fracture the object the rbd fracture it all and decompose the fruit and that's what I'm not able to control. I want to keep every fruit a whole and basically simulate every whole fruit instead of every pieces of the fruit ball.


I managed to have a group for each fruit that contain the objects of the fruit related to the group. So I guess I should use fruit group to tell the rbd object to fracture using those group. But from here I can't figure how to manage that.


If anyone got an answer. It would be greatly appreciated.





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Hm, I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to achieve. 



So basically you have a setup like the one on the picture and you want each fruit to be a separate RBD object ? 

Could you maybe post a scene file or just a mock-up with a bunch of spheres and cylinders if you're under an NDA. That would really help get an idea of what you're trying to achieve. It's just that your post is a bit confusing ;3 

Cheers buddy !

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