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What is "Proxy Volume" exactly do in a dop object


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Hi I have a very simple question. What exactly is the "volume sample" / "proxy volume" in say a static object? My original thought is that we can provide a pregenerated volume to the solver so that it don't need to calculate it on the fly.


And the doc's description is like this: "The divisions are ignored in this mode, instead they are computed from the first volume primitive in the geometry. The computed divisions are chosen to match the voxel size of the source volume."


But when I try that in a very simple scene, it seems that even in volume sample mode, you still need to set the division and it doesn't really related to the voxel count of my pregenerated sdf. Lastly, in terms of sim, it doesn't change too much either when you say just use the Ray Intersect mode.


Thanks in advanced.


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