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Invalid Simulation State File


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Anyone ever get an error "Error: Tried to load an invalid simulation state file" when assigning an initial state file to a dopnetwork node? My initial state file is about 14GB in file size, and I'm getting this error with smaller files too. I used the initial state for a duplicate version of my dopnet (I have the initial state simulation, and another dopnet that I apply the init state to)

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How small is the smaller file you are still getting the error with?  Have you successfully been able to use initial state files 1 GB or greater in the recent past? 


In H12 had a problem with pyro sims where the largest initial state file I could get to work was under 500MB, while any files of a more typical size (1 GB or greater) would never work.  Other artists had the same issue, so the general consensus was that it was broken or had limitations that were not explicitly stated.  I gave up on the initial state functionality after wasting a considerable amount of shot time trying to debug it. 


If any of the SESI folks that peruse these forums could clarify the limitations of the initial state files, that would be very helpful

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