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Pyro invisible in viewport, bug


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Can someone faced. everything was worked fine, showed and then bam! is not clear because of what is not visible in the viewport Pyro Particle! Rebooted the computer, and houdini, all the Pyro presets tryed, neither smoke nor fire, nothing not see ... change the background color black and gray, changed version of driver .. mystic! 


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Yeah the viewport can be buggy.

Stick some lights in there and change the viewport lighting modes, see if anything changes.

Also kill the scene view and create another one, that often fixes things.

Come on Sesi! Time to sort the viewport out.

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Oke, i tryed all of this, nothing ... try to kill scene view, and the top, front etc. shown the same, try stick light, one, two, switch on\off shadow, viewport lighting modes... nothing... heeelp! anybody, i dont want to reinstall nvidia driver and houdini  :(  

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