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for each attribute value vex equivalent


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I am having this problem at hand where I need to loop thru clusters of points and calculate the average position. These points are organized with a cluster id attibute (clsID). Can't really figure out how to do this in VEX.

So far I have a For Each Sop (looping thru each attribute value) with two attrbPromote Sops attached in line. First is promoting @P to detail attribute ('center') via average, second is reapplying @center to points again.


Help is much appreciated



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in vex you could use nuniqueval() and uniqueval() to iterate over attributes. the following link might put you on the right track: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20814-need-help-with-python-vex/?p=124375
if it doesn´t has to be vex, the attached example is probably the easiest way to do it...





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