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Exporting out points as null through FBX


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Hello! First post! I am trying to help a friend with something and he stumped me on this.. I some very simple animation on some points and he want's to reference that animation in flame.  To do this he needs an fbx with nulls and I am struggling to figure out how to accomplish this in houdini.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


thank you!

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How many points are we talking about? The only way I can think of for large number of points is to script the creation of null objects using your geometry. If you created a Null object named "null0" using these expressions on its Translate parameter.

point("/path/to/geo", opdigits("."), "P", 0)
point("/path/to/geo", opdigits("."), "P", 1)
point("/path/to/geo", opdigits("."), "P", 2)

Then it'll be at the position of point 0 of your geometry node with the path  "/path/to/geo". So at this point, you either copy/paste this node enough times to cover the number of points you need, or script the pasting of this node.

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thanks edward! Yeah that was the conclusion I was coming to.  I have about 586 points so scripting would be the way to go.  Thankfully the situation resolved it self and I was able to export the geo as fbx and that worked for him.  Aparently the combination of alembic geo and fbx camera in Flame was crashing it and vice versa. Oh autodesk....



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