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ROP Output Driver Empty Source Skeleton

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I'm studing how to generate interface controls in HDK, I did this simple test, and I will share the source.


I need some information about how can I align the parameters



static PRM_Name field_preframe("preframe", "Pre-frame Script");
static PRM_Name file_preframe("file_preframe", ""); / I wanna align all this parameters vertically
static PRM_Name menu_preframe("menu_preframe", "");
static PRM_Item menu_preframe_options[] =
PRM_Item("0", "HScript"),
PRM_Item("1", "Python"),
static PRM_ChoiceList menu_preframe_list(PRM_CHOICELIST_SINGLE, menu_preframe_options);
PRM_Template((PRM_Type)(PRM_TOGGLE_E | PRM_TYPE_JOIN_NEXT), 1, &field_prerender),
PRM_Template((PRM_Type)(PRM_FILE_E | PRM_TYPE_LABEL_NONE | PRM_TYPE_JOIN_NEXT), 1, &file_prerender),
PRM_Template((PRM_Type)(PRM_ORD | PRM_TYPE_LABEL_NONE), 1, &menu_prerender, 0, &menu_prerender_list),



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