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Arnold, JF Nested Dielectric


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Anyone knows how to get this in Houdini? I have never used custom shaders, that are not for Mantra, so I have no clue what one has to do to get this thing to work in HtoA




I hope someone can guide me in right direction.


Thanks in advance,


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it is, you can drop solo dll/so and it will aper in arnold shaders

its interface will be messed up thou



from the help:


You can make any third-party Arnold shader available inside HtoA, whether the shaders come from other plugins for Arnold such as MtoA or SItoA, or from other third party shader collections. The HtoA shaders are regular Arnold shaders, there's nothing specific in them except the optional metadata to customize the UI, see below.


You can make additional Arnold shaders or procedurals available in HtoA in several ways:

  • You can just drop the .so|.dylib|.dll files that contain them in the arnold/plugins and arnold/procedurals sub-folders of your HtoA installation. 
  • You can append any folder containing nodes or procedurals you wish to make available in HtoA to the ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable.
  • You can create arnold/plugins or arnold/procedurals sub-folders containing the shaders or procedurals in any of the directories of the HOUDINI_PATH.
Customizing shader user interfaces

HtoA will automatically create a default user interface for shaders. If you need to tweak the UI, you can do so by adding metadata to shader node and parameters. Adding metadata can be done in the shader code with the AiMetaDataSetX() API functions or by creating a .mtd text file sitting next to the shader DSO with the same basename, see Arnold Metadata Files for more information. We suggest you study the .mtd files provided with HtoA if you want to customize your shader's UI.

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