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Expression question

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 Im not sure exactly how to make an expression for this type of animation. I have alot of objects that need to separate from each other, rotate 360 for a certain amount of frames ( ex. frame 50-100) stop rotation at it original position at 0, and then I will hand animated them back to their original position. My question is how to set this up? I can do it by hand, but I know that is not the right way. I think I did something like this with an IF expression a long time ago, but i cant remember. And its such a simple question that it is hard to find an answer for it.

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Step by step, you may want to try this.


1. Group the primitives of each object ( 10 primitives in object_1, 5 primitives in object_2, etc)

2. Use Exploded View SOP to do the separation.

3. If you want them to rotate separately as individual objects, attach a ForEach SOP with the Group Mask set to object*

4. Go inside, put a Transform SOP with the rY (rotate in Y) value set to if($F<=100,if($F>=50,360*($F-50)/50,0),0)


Breakdown of expression:


If $F is in the range 50-100,

     return [complete rotation amount]*[($F-startframe)/framerange]


     return 0


If you wanted them to rotate as a whole entity, skip the first grouping and the ForEach SOP, just add the Transform SOP (with the expression) after the Exploded View SOP.

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