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expression to instance geo primitives rather than geo


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I'm trying to attach each primitive of any geometry to a particle generated by the centroid of that primitive, then use the particle to move the primitive around. 


The approach I'm trying is to use a ForEach to put a point at the centroid of all of the primitives in the geo, then attach those centroid points to the first input of a PopNet. Then inside the PopNet I'm trying to instance each primitive to the single particle it is spawning so that I can then blow away the geo. 


The problem I'm having is writing an instancepath that instances the primitive onto the particle of the same number. I'm sure its possible but I'm not accomplishing it.


I feel like there are probably a million ways to approach this, e.g., I could also try a SOP Solver, but this seems like a much cleaner approach if I could get the expressions to work.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kevin 

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