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Houdini explosion with fire subsiding and smoke continuing?


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Hi all,


I'm trying to figure out how to make a small explosion with a quick burst of flame followed by alot of smoke.

I started with the Pyro FX Shelf tool "Fireball".
No matter what I do, I get continuous fire. Based on help and other references, I have set the following to animate down to 0 at frame 15 to try to get it to stop:


Fuel Convergence
Gas Released
Fuel Amount


With the myriad of settings I'm feeling really lost, even using Houdini Help, since the parameters don't seem to act as expected and it looks like settings can be made in several places, some of which cancel each other out. What am I missing?

And I'm also curious if the smoke will stop if I stop the fire. I want to keep generating smoke after the fire is long gone, or at least have the fire so small that it is shrouded in smoke.


I'm using Houdini 10.0. My file is attached if anyone feels like tinkering with it.




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Yo wow i thought this was gonna be easier but I feel you man I just spent 3 hours on this lol.


So heres the best way ive found, obv not sure if its the best way to do it but seems to work? 


in Flames section change Cooling field to Fuel and then make a quick dropoff in the graph, and animate burn rate to 0 when its time to dissipate. 


Idk about the smoke emitting constantly, I would do it with a separate sim but im sure someone here knows so hopefully they can help!


edit: nvm this doesnt seem to be the answer because the temperature field is still there, trying to put a better shader on it reveals theres still a problem. Sooo all I would have to say is try animating the final density of fire in the shader. Cheap trick but working for me.


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Ok so flames (Heat) is created when fuel and temperature exist in the same space and temperature is above the threshold of the pyro solver. Smoke is created from burn etc.. blah blah.


The thing with this is you're running off the combustion model, so it's all going to be based around heat, fuel, burn etc etc..

Do that for your initial explosion, kill off fuel and just keep on emitting density and temperature.


Arghh, I've made you a test scene but our internet is restricted so can't upload it...

If you want it pm me and I'll see if I can email it.


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