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Rigging a kite


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Hi guys.


I have major problems with a kite I try to rig. I have tried to find an answer in every possible free tutorial on sidefx.com but I can't make it work.

I use bones and then I try capture them on the geometry. But it is impossible for me, they dosn't capture all the geometry and some of the bones can't be captured.


Can you help me or do you have any good advices?


Thank's in advance!


- Theis



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You should take a look at the rigging tutorials from 3D Buzz. They have some really good information in there.


Some things I found while looking at your file:


- don't parent the bones to the kite. If you do it like this you will get double transformations or other weird effects.

- you didn't add bone14 and bone15 to the capturing. If you just manually add them to the extra regions they will be captured as well.

- what works nice as a basis for capturing is the capture proximity node. With this you can get a pretty good initial coverage.



I've added these small adjustments to your file. Of course to get some really good deformation you will need some more bones and a lot of patience to paint the weights.


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