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VDBfromPolygon issue with small voxel sizes


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When using small voxel sizes to gain a more detailed volume, I many times encounter a problem.

Some of the voxels kinda disappear and create gaps in the ConvertVDBtoPoly.

The only remedy I have found so far is to use the VDBreshapesdf in Dilate mode. This fixes things in the areas that had the gaps but pumps up the rest of the mesh as well, which is problematic.

Most common situation for this is when using VDB for collisions and you want the mesh to be detailed so you use small voxel sizes.

I really don't understand why is this happening.

Is there a real way around this?




Small voxel size.hip

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VDB From Polygon requires *closed* geometry, which the default teapot is NOT. Using larger voxel sizes can seem to help because if it's larger than the gap in your geometry then that can cause the rasterization to close it up. To see if your (polygon) geometry is closed, append a Divide SOP and choose Remove Shared Edges. If your geometry is fully closed, then all its edges should be shared by more than 1 polygon, so this should cause all the geometry to be removed. Middle-click on the Divide SOP in the network view to double-check that you have no geometry.

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