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Can I use my existing bego files to continue my simulation?[solved]


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Hi all,

I have done a heavy explosion in last week. shot is around 80 frames but I got my computer power off after I only wrote 50 frames to disk. I noticed there is a explicit cache choice available in dopnet setting, but seems like it only support .sim files. Is anyway I can make use of my bgeo which have been cached out already and let pyro solver does the computing base on them?


Any suggestion is much appreciated . 



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thanks marty! I found the solution to deal with it from someone's post. There is no business of explicit cache function. I just feed the begos I got before to [initial state](in dopnet) then doing render work in dop import sop, houdini will continue to simulate. However there is a little different from the post said. It the dopnet only needs the last frame, but in my case the dopnet only works if I imported my whole bgeo sequence.Also I think my topic is kind of misunderstanding due to my Ignorance, so I changed it. 

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