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Instancing primitives from an object to separate particles


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I used a break and an assemble SOP to cut an object into 4 packed primitives and then assigned each piece a name attribute, i.e., piece0, piece1, etc. I then used a ForEach to add a point at the centroid of each piece. I then grouped the centroid points and used them as a source to a POP in DOPs.


In DOPs, I want to assign each fracture piece (e.g., piece0, piece1...) to the 4 centroids being used as particle sources in DOPs with an Instance POP but I can't get the instancepath set back to the piece. I've tried both VEX and HScript on the POP Instance node and the instancepath looks correct in the spreadsheet but the pieces don't move independently.


Script attached. I'm sure something in my expressions is the problem. I imagine its dead simple but I can't find it. If anyone has time to take a look, I'd appreciate it.




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