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that Houdini was used as a "primary tool of choice" for the anime ARJUNA?


Heh... While trying to find more info about ARJUNA (created by Shoji Kawamori -- Macross, Escaflowne -- and composed by Yoko Kanno), I found that interesting tibits. Heard the soundtrack, liked it. I think I am going to check out this anime. :rolleyes:

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Heh. Saw ARJUNA over the weekend. :) It's not too bad. Albeit one CG character integration really bugs the heck out of me... The character designs could have been better, I'd say.

Now, as for Houdini stuff, a lot of time, you can really tell what was done with Houdini. :) It was a good job, nonetheless.

Some of the camera works were pretty good. Some of the camera motion matched the mood pretty well, I think. However, a few scene, the camera motion could use some work.

I enjoyed it over all, I guess. I'd probably give it a grade B, tho.

Anyone saw LAST EXILE? :) That one is really good.

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