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Vacuuming (absorbing) Smoke/Volume in DOPS


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Hello guys! I would like to ask you what do you think it would be the best approach to absorb a volume in a DOP simulation in Houdini. I thought of one but it might be wrong:


Creating a spherical volume, then with Volume VOPS storing the gradient into an attribute and using it as a scaled force inside the DOP network. What do you think?


Is there any other approach it comes to your mind? Thanks!

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As Christian says, divergence will work and result in a suction-type effect on the sim to the location of that field.


If you just want the volume to disappear as it hits a particular object/objects you can turn that geo into a fluid Sink;

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Just emit negative divergence into the sim.

I have created you a scene, but keep forgetting I can't send anything out from my work machine.

Message me if you want the scene and I'll create you one at home.



Hello, sorry for the very late reply. I didn't get any email notifying that I had new messsages on odforce. My apologies for that. Thanks for your answer Christian! I will send you a private message now, I would like to see your approach. I got some feedback from other people and they recommended me this:


- Pump to suck it around

- Expand set up in reverse to allow the gases to compress as they get sucked toward a point. Don't forget this as you can only compress smoke so far without divergence in reverse.

- Sink to evaporate the smoke 


So it matches with what Ryew says.

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