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Smoke renders, flame doesnt. Why?


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Hi everyone!


I put together a simple scene with a pistol shooting a bullet.

I made a nice smoke trail that the bullet leaves behind after exiting the pistol. It looks good and renders fine.


After that I made a burst of fire at the end of the barrel which looks good with the dop import visualization, but it just doesn't render.




Burst is between frame 20-30.

It has smoke disabled.

It has a preset VEX fire shader applied to it.

When I enable smoke, the smoke renders fine, but still no fire.


Can you help me solve this? Would be grateful!




(If you need, the pistol obj is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45946674/obj.rar )


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Without digging too deep, and witout actually looking at the file... the default pyro2 shader seems to require a density (smoke) volume to render anything. I am currently unsure why it's set up this way, but this seems to be the case.


One workaround is to remap the smoke density target range.


In the simulation, turn "emit smoke" back on.

In the pyro2 shader, under the "smoke" - > "Density" tabs, under "field shape" enable the "fit to range" toggle.

Set the "target range" to go from 0 -> 0 rather than 0 -> 1.

Your fire should now render without smoke.


Hope that helps.



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