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Flip simulation to concave object.

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Hello guys! I have some question. Anybody help me maybe). I have some concave geometry, exp bank of jam. At first simulation jam must fill up bank. ((At second step bank have some moving and jam must going out from bank.)) I replace original geometry to approximate cylinder, but there are no simulation. When I replace collision obj to convex obj simulation work. Sorry for my english) Thanks!


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I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly but I'm guessing you want the fluid to collide with your cup. Attached is an edited file, see if does what you're after...


I set it to use your VDB for the collision rather than the fluid source - you need to set Scale Source Volume to -1 in your Sourve Volume node and Collision Detection on the FLIP Solver to 'move outside collision' for volume based collisions to work. Also your geometry is way too thin, I've scaled up the cup a bit and added a peak SOP to give it more thickness. You could have a much finer Collision Separation setting on your FLIP object but that's best to avoid unless it's necessary. If you turn on your collision guide you can see the collision field.


I'm not a FLIP expert by the way so someone else may come along and correct the above...


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