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Pixelated my sequence

Elena_ DeCosta

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hi everybody


After a along time i tried to comp my sequence in Houdini but i am totally get upset. my whole sequence came out from Maya is pixelated (find in image) i change every thing but nothing help. even i off, "fast interactive cooking". no use.my renders are coming out like this (find in image).


please can anybody give idea whats wrong with Houdini or my understanding or i should attache with nuke or fusion. Houdini is not for any comp.


thanks friends for helping me earlier.







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Thanks! It may be a bug in the way JPEG and TIFF are handled internally in Houdini. 


If you save the files out to .exr format the banding is gone. See screengrab; left side is exr, saved out of Nuke, right side is the Jpeg.


Probably best to submit it as a bug to SideFx on their website:


Edit The banding appears top come from the 'Linerarize Non-Linear Images' If you turn it off, then the image will be brighter but the banding will be gone.








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                   Thanks marty i could not found your "screengrab" but i appreciate your support. how it could be a bug its most simple or a basic thing(importing file for com positing). and why side effects don't want us to comp in tiff or tga , its silly.


      Anyway when i am rendering image into .exr and importing in houdini, i got increased gamma and same time not getting any COPs for color space. so solution is, i should attache with nuke or fusion only.

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If you get banding after linearizing (ie. applying a gamma), then it probably means that your source data had insufficient precision (8-bit in .jpeg is insufficient). I'd be surprised if you don't get the same result by linearising the same file in Nuke.

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